Dr. Vern Baron

Vern Baron is a Forage Physiologist and his research spans scientific fields from forage production, to nutritional evaluation, to forage utilization in beef production systems. Vern’s research includes (1) Optimizing pasture beef production systems as a means to mitigate business risk for the feedlot industry (2) Determining the impact of managed intensive grazing and crop type on pasture production and (3) Extending the grazing season through studying late season environmental impacts on forage quality, yield, and grazing dynamics.

Vern is valued member of the Lacombe Meat Lipid Network, particularly for beef, because forage type, quality and composition have overriding effects on beef fatty acid composition. Forages can be an important source of PUFA, but more importantly, they can modify rumen conditions, effect the amount of bypass PUFA, and the extent and pathways used for PUFA biohydrogenation. 

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